We at ECU Libraries are driven by a belief in shared and universal access to knowledge that is underpinned by an environment of open scholarship and shared creativity.

This belief compels us to invest jointly in long term stewardship of data, scholarship, research results, and artistic endeavors generated at our institutions and to create an environment where scholarship is easy to pursue and far reaching in its impact

In pursuit of these goals, we are reviewing existing subscription agreements and considering ways we can support open research and open access publications.

What is Sustainable Scholarship?

Sustainable Scholarship means addressing the unsustainable marketplace for scholarly resources. We are committed to the principle of Sustainable Scholarship and take actions to ensure that:

  • We maintain good stewardship of allocated library funds while continuing to provide students, faculty, and researchers appropriate collections for learning, discovery, and innovation.
  • The knowledge created and consumed by the ECU community of scholars is openly accessible in order to promote the social good.
  • We work with publishers and vendors who share the same philosophies in furthering the advancement of the arts and sciences through open resources.